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Save the Date: March 11-13, 2019

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Dates: Shearaton Raleigh Hotel March 11-13, 2019

A Fire Fighter’s Guide to Test Methods for Fire Fighting by Battalion Chief Safety Command Dan Melia, FDNY (ret.) and Driver-Operator/Paramedic Tim Tomlinson, Addison Fire Department

Download the full PowerPoint presentation with videos (350Mb, ~5-30 minute dowload)

Download a copy of the presentation (2.62 Mb Adobe Acrobat file, ~30 sec-2 minute download)

The Symposium is designed to be a hard hitting, factual series of presentations about the PPE that most firefighters use on a regular basis.

Future symposiums will address other less often used items and provide more detail on the subjects of the first symposium. A USB thumb drive of the presentations will be provided to attendees. There is a maximum of 300 participants.

Fire service participants should gain an understanding of the following:

  • PPE design & performance
  • PPE testing & certification
  • Selecting & purchasing PPE
  • PPE usage & storage
  • PPE cleaning & repairing
  • Sizing PPE
  • PPE interfaces
  • PPE limitations
  • Emerging PPE trends
  • Retiring PPE
  • Managing a PPE program
  • Legal issues involved in selecting, maintaining and using PPE
  • Establish a network of peers and experts for future reference

Target Audience is Emergency Services including:

  • Firefighters
  • PPE Committee Members
  • Training Officers
  • Safety Officers
  • Purchasing/Supply Officers
  • Chief Officers
  • Company Officers
  • Board Members
  • Elected Officials
  • Labor Leaders

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